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The ISP recently released the appropriate sign to display in order to restrict Concealed Carry licensees from carrying handguns onto or into restricted premises.

The ISP provides a pdf version of the sign, which can also be provided to a printing company to supply more permanent versions of the sign.

Please note that the sign’s dimensions are restricted by the legislation to be exactly 4” x 6” to satisfy the signage requirement.  Our earlier article addresses restricted areas and the need for posting signage on various local government properties.  Seemingly a larger version sign could be placed at vehicle entrances of municipal parks and other areas where handguns may not even be brought into the parking area and secured in a vehicle, to ensure visibility.  Best practice, however, would be to also post the smaller 4” x 6” sign, because it is the only sign that satisfies the technical signage requirement.

Local governments can now begin requisitioning the signage.

Brad Stewart

Author: Brad Stewart