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Jennifer Gibson's Recent Appellate Litigation Experience

Various written opinions and Rule 23 orders from cases that Jennifer J. Gibson has worked on at Zukowski, Rogers, Flood & McArdle can be accessed below.

In re Marriage of Brill (October 2017)

In re Marriage of Jones (September 2016)

Illinois Municipal League Risk Management Association v. City of Genoa (April 2016)

In re Parentage of E.L. (March 2016)

F.R.S. Development Company v. American Community Bank and Trust (February 2016)

The Y-Not Project, Ltd. v. Fox Waterway Agency (January 2016)

Beeson v. Beeson (December 2015)

Ryan Hedrich v. Ashley Mack (February 2015)

Village of Prairie Grove v. Eric D. Puryear (December 2014)

James Mikolaitis v. Morano Investments/Jerry Morano (September 2014)

City of Woodstock v. Thomas A. Bezik (September 2014)

Laura Frazier v. Eric Frazier (June 2014)

Lake in the Hills v. Dennis Niklaus (with IML Summary) (May 2014)

Jay Burnstein v. Georgette Burnstein (February 2014)

FRS Development v. Huntley Venture (September 2013)

Yvonne J. Norton v. Timothy W. Glab (February 2013)

City of Harvard v. Elvis J. Henson Trust (September 2012)

Glenn E. Davis v. Village of Lake Zurich (August 2012)

Village of Lake in the Hills v. James Mueller (June 2012)

Illinois v. Hawthorn Woods (March 2012)

Gorski v. The Board of Fire and Police Commissioners of the City of Woodstock (Dec. 2011)

Fassnacht v. Baldwin (Oct. 2011)

The Reserve at Woodstock, LLC v. the City of Woodstock (Sept. 2011)

In re Marriage of Stephenson (Aug. 2011)

City of McHenry v. Suvada (June 2011)

Szewczyk v. Board of Fire & Police Commissioners (June 2011)

Village of Algonquin v. Lowe (June 2011)

In re Marriage of Patti Roberts and Donald Roberts (March 2011)

Village of Richmond v. Magee (Jan. 2011)

Falcon Funding, LLC v. City of Elgin (March 2010)

In re Marriage of Kalisz (July 2009)

The Village of Lake in the Hills v. The Athans Company (Nov. 2008)

The Village of Lake in the Hills v. Johandes (Aug. 2008)

McHenry County Defenders v. City of Harvard (July 2008)

Szewcyk v. Board of Fire & Police Commissioners (March 2008)