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Animal Bites & Injuries

Have you or has someone you know been attacked by a dog? Have you incurred medical bills as a result? Did you suffer any disability or scarring from the attack? Did the attack involve a child?

Our firm has obtained large settlements for adults and children injured from dog or other animal attacks. The law in Illinois provides for strict liability in the event of a dog or other animal bite under certain circumstances. That means, in some cases, a victim of an animal bite does not have to show that the owner was negligent, so it is possible to recover damages with very little evidence.

With more and more emphasis in the news media about the dangers of some types of dogs, the law continues to evolve in this area. It is critical to speak to an attorney who knows the laws that apply and who can assemble the facts to present to an insurance company from the start to obtain the best financial recovery.

Permanent scars on children can be an unfortunate but frequent result of an animal bite. We are also experienced in handling the laws that specifically protect children when they recover money damages. They may be entitled to significant compensation not only for medical bills, pain, suffering and disability, but also for any disfigurement such as scars that may have resulted from the attack. Don’t trust a child’s injury to someone who is unfamiliar with this area of law!