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For the trial lawyers at Zukowski Rogers Flood & McArdle, personal injury representation is not about a file or a dollar amount, it is about a person or persons striving to achieve justice for their loss or injury. Most injured persons want us to help them achieve some semblance of life as they knew it prior to their accident. Often this will involve expensive medical visits, treatments, procedures and prescriptions. It may involve therapies, repairs to property, or the money to cover the cost of around-the-clock care. We are proud of the results we have achieved for many individuals and families. The following are some examples of our record of justice for our injured clients that do not involve confidentiality agreements and can be released to the public:

Record $19 Million Medical Malpractice Settlement Recovered for McHenry County Boy

Verdicts or settlements as Co-Counsel
Medical Malpractice/Brain Injury/Birth Injury
Medical Malpractice/Traumatic Brain Injury
Car Crash/Defective Seatbelt
Car Crash/Paralysis
Products Liability (Medication-Vioxx)/Heart Attack
Table Collapse/Eye Injury
ZRFM verdicts or settlements
Car Crash/Traumatic Brain Injury
Car/Motorcycle Crash – December 2010
Motorcycle Crash – March 2011
Car Crash/Brain Injury
ATV Accident/Fractured Shoulder with Complications
Car Crash/Fractures/Closed Head Injury/Ventilator
Car Crash/Fractures/Closed Head Injury/Ventilator
Car Crash/Herniated Disc
Car Crash/Brain Bruise/Cervical Fracture
Car Crash
Car Crash/Ruptured Spleen/Ear Laceration/Multiple Injuries
Car Crash/Wrongful Death
Nursing Home Negligence/3rd Degree Burns
Plane Crash/Arm Fracture/Rotator Cuff
Car Crash/Fracture Sternum
Car Crash
Food Poisoning
Slip & Fall
Skiing Fall/Leg Fracture
Car Crash/Shoulder Separation
Car Crash/Ankle Fracture
Dog Bite/Lacerations
Car Crash/Brain Bruise/Cervical Fracture
Car Crash/Bicep Tear
Slip & Fall/Leg Fracture
Car Crash/Arm Fracture
Car Crash/Bulging Disc (arbitration award)
Car Crash/Neck Injury
Car Crash/Bulging Disc
Car Crash/Head Laceration
Slip & Fall
Car Crash
Fall from Horse/Leg Fracture