With the Governor’s recent proposal to significantly reduce municipal LGDF revenues, protecting municipalities against unfunded mandates and increased regulation and costs has become increasingly important. An astounding number of bills have been introduced in Springfield this legislative season that would further increase municipal operating costs including new rules for website posting and changes to the Open Meetings and Local Records Act, increased limitations on sewer and water tap-on fees and increased training and procedural requirements imposed on municipalities or their officials.

At the same time, some bills that might ultimately benefit municipal operations have also been introduced including, for instance, those that would expand the pricing of projects that must be subject to public bidding, proposals that might change the application of the prior appropriation rule to permit longer contract terms, a potential expansion of the uses of hotel/motel tax funds, an expansion of lien enforcement and code violation authority, a potential increase in the level of permitted sales tax levels for non-home rule communities and a potential expansion of non-home rule powers more generally.

At ZRFM, we monitor relevant legislation through our involvement with the IML, the Local Government Law Section Council of the Illinois State Bar Association and local councils of government. Please contact us with any questions about the proposed bills or their implications for your municipality.

Ruth Alderman Schlossberg

Author: Ruth A. Schlossberg