Monday, March 16th, 2020

Sample COVID-19 Personnel Policy

To: All Village Employees
From: Eric J. Johnson, Village Manager
Date: March 13, 2020

The Village of Carpentersville recognizes the importance of the health and safety of employees, and is in the process of making plans for the continuity of Village services and operations. This internal memorandum serves as an official directive for all staff, which details specific policies and procedures related to handling actual or suspected cases of Coronavirus (COVID-19), or other flu-like illnesses. The purpose of the enclosed policies and procedures are to adequately protect the health of employees and to establish a plan for managing the critical services and operations when staffing levels may fall short due to COVID-19.

Failure to follow these established procedures may subject an employee to discipline. Policies and procedures stated within are conditional, and subject to change, as the underlying health issue is continually evolving. Any policies established will remain in effect until repealed by the Village Manager.

Exposure is defined as an employee who has been in a close encounter (6 feet or less) with someone who has tested positive or is presumptive positive for COVID-19. Employees have the ethical duty to immediately report to their Department Head, Supervisor, or designee if they have had known exposure. Employees are expected to use a high standard of judgement if they have knowingly been exposed to the virus, and will be required to stay home until medical clearance is obtained (see Return to Work/Medical Clearance, below).

In addition to exposure, employees are expected to stay home if they have tested positive for COVID-19, or have any combination of flu-like illnesses or symptoms, including but not limited to:
 Fever of ≥100°
 Chills
 Cough
 Shortness of breath
 Vomiting
 Muscle or body aches
 Fatigue
 Other viral symptoms
Employees who present any flu-like illnesses or symptoms at work, or who become ill during the day, will be promptly separated from co-workers and sent home.

1. No Known Exposure
If an employee is experiencing flu-like symptoms, they must remain off work. Return to work will be permitted under the following conditions:
a. Employee has been fever free for 24 hours without the use of fever-reducing medicine;
b. Employee is free of any other flu-like or viral symptoms; and,
c. Employee has not had any known exposure to COVID-19.
If symptoms exceed three calendar days, return to work will be conditioned on a competent medical opinion that the employee is not believed to have COVID-19 or any other infectious condition. Return to work after an absence for flu-like symptoms in excess of five calendar days will be conditioned on both a negative COVID-19 test or qualified medical determination that a test is not warranted, and medical clearance to return to work.
2. Known Exposure
An employee with known exposure must remain off work and obtain a test for COVID-19 or a qualified medical determination that a test is not warranted within five calendar days of initial exposure. If an employee fails to obtain medical clearance within the five-day period, the employee must notify HR of when and where the test was administered for COVID-19, or explain with documented evidence why the employee has not yet been able to be tested. The employee would remain in non-reporting work status during the pendency of the test results which, if negative, would clear the employee for return to work or, if positive, necessitate that the employee obtain medical clearance that they are no longer under the effects of COVID-19, nor is there any risk of contagion.

1. Full-Time Employees
Employees must use all available sick leave before using other available paid benefit leave or unpaid leave while unable to work for the conditions stated within this policy. A probationary employee or other new employees may be advanced accrued benefit time for a leave related to COVID-19. Such requests must be coordinated through the HR department.
2. Part-Time Employees
The Village will temporarily allow full-time employees to make a sick leave donation to a part-time employee, only if the part-time employee is confirmed positive for COVID-19 or subject to a medically mandated quarantine. Donations may be approved in amounts not to exceed 3 weeks of a part-time employee’s average weekly hours. All such sick leave donations will be coordinated through the HR department, and will be subject to final approval by the Village Manager.
Use of sick time or unpaid leave related to viral symptoms is, not in itself, considered to be subject to disciplinary action, including possible claims of sick leave abuse.
If an employee tests positive for COVID-19, then the employee shall follow regular procedures for obtaining an extended leave of absence.

Although the Village recognizes the potential future need for some employees to request time off, the Village is also responsible for maintaining minimum staffing levels in order to perform and provide critical operations and services. As such, the Village is strongly encouraging employees with school or daycare-aged children to plan ahead for potential school or childcare closures.
If a school or childcare facility temporarily closes due to COVID-19 related reasons, employees might consider any neighbors, school teachers, grandparents, etc. who may be able to assist regularly or occasionally with childcare. However, understanding that every employee’s situation is different, any individual employee’s request for time off due to a school or childcare closure should be handled on a case-by-case basis at the department level.