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The following bills and amendments are now in effect in 2014, and we are taking this opportunity to apprise or remind you of some of the more significant changes that may impact local governments. These updates are intended to provide concise summaries of new legislation and are not all-inclusive. Please contact us directly with specific questions if you intend to implement changes based on any of this material:

Medical Marijuana

The four year Compassionate Use of Medical Cannabis Pilot Program Act (P.A. 98-0122) is now in effect, although it is still uncertain at what point the various State agencies will have all facets of the program developed to allow applicants to acquire licenses to operate cannabis cultivation centers and dispensaries.

Our earlier article contains more information about the impact to municipalities.

Prevailing Wage Act: Filing Requirement Amendment

Public bodies, including local governments, are no longer required to file copies of prevailing wage rate determinations with the Secretary of State (P.A. 98-0173).

Concealed Carry Applications

While the Concealed Carry Act went into effect in 2013, applications can now be submitted to the Illinois State Police, as of Jan. 5, 2014.  The first licenses will begin to be issued within 90 or 120 days of application, the former if the applicant submitted electronic fingerprints.

Joint Self Insurance Reporting Requirements

Local governments that participate in intergovernmental agreements to pool self-insurance now have additional actuarial reporting requirements with the Director of Insurance (P.A. 98-0504).  Penalties may apply for non-compliance.

Electric Aggregation Fuel Disclosure

Municipalities or other local governments that seek bids for electrical aggregation may now require the bidder to disclose the fuel source of the electricity sought (P.A. 98-0434).  The type of fuel used may also be considered in determining which bidder’s electricity to use.

Changes to Disability Placard Parking: Fines and Qualifications

Many changes have been made to the statutes governing parking for people with disablity placards.  See our earlier article on the topic.

Restriction on Handheld Communication Devices While Driving

With a curious number of exceptions that we addressed in a previous article, all drivers are generally prohibited from talking on cell phones or otherwise using electronic devices.  Hands free and blue tooth communications are still legal (P.A. 98-0506).

Police Electronic Control Device (Taser) Training

Police officer training is now required to include the use of  tasers, and relatedly, the physical and psychological impact of such electronic control devices on humans (P.A. 98-0358).

Brad Stewart

Author: Brad Stewart