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Domestic Violence & Orders of Protection

Harassment, injury and even death result too often when domestic violence goes unchecked. The vast majority of reports of child abuse or spousal abuse require immediate intervention, restraining orders and orders of protection under the Illinois Domestic Violence Act. Complaints may involve domestic battery, intimidation, verbal abuse, telephone harassment, stalking or other forms of violence.

Clients often have practical concerns about seeking or being served orders of protection: the duration of an order, whether it can be amended, how soon a spouse will be forced to leave the home, how a spouse can get a car or clothing, and whether a parent can visit or be kept from visiting his or her children.

On occasions when an unfounded charge of abuse arises during an emotional matrimonial dissolution, ZRFM’s family law team can call upon its talented former prosecutor. With an extensive background in criminal law, criminal defense, and appeals, he can help such clients set the record straight and restore reputations.

For an initial free consultation about orders of protection and domestic violence, telephone our family law team at (815) 459-2050 or contact us using the form on this Web site. You may also want to review the list of useful links on our site, including the link to WhileWeHeal.org.