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Marital Property, Marital Assets & Business Assets

Sorting out which property, assets and business interests qualify as marital property or non-marital property is not a simple task. Generally, when such property interests are acquired during a marriage they are considered marital property to be divided equitably – not equally – once the marriage is dissolved. The name appearing on a property title matters little.

Non-marital property – which is excluded from equitable division – may include individual gifts, inheritances, property acquired before a marriage, property acquired after a legal separation, property excluded through a valid agreement, or property awarded as a result of a judgment for one spouse against the other.  Non-marital property, however, can become marital property through certain actions of the owner.

ZRFM can help you sort out the intricacies of marital property, marital assets and business interests with our divorce law team, our real estate department, and a law partner and CPA who excels at business valuation. Their counsel can assist you in correctly including and excluding the right property interests from any equitable division.