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Our Approach

If you or your business is engaged in the construction industry, it helps to have legal counsel who know your work and speak your language.

Our law firm wrote the go-to reference book on construction law. ZRFM had your industry’s interests in mind when three of our attorneys – David W. McArdle, E. Regan Daniels Shepley, and Kelly A. Cahill – authored Construction Law Road Map for the Illinois Road and Transportation Builders Association.

With a quality and results-oriented approach to practicing law, ZRFM has taken the time and made a commitment to presenting our practical knowledge of the multifaceted field of construction law in easy-to-understand language for a wide audience.

We understand and can assist you with the risks encountered in every part of a construction project – beginning with early design work, increasing during construction, and possibly continuing on for years after the completion of a project.

Our construction law attorneys work closely with clients to manage risks, prevent risk from becoming loss, and deliver practical business solutions aligned to each client’s unique objectives.

ZRFM takes a quality and results-oriented approach to the practice of law. The scope and value of our familiarity with construction law is national, even though many of our clients work or live in Illinois.

Construction Law Experience

Among the clients in the construction industry that ZRFM regularly represents are the following:

  • private and public owners
  • general contractors/subcontractors
  • suppliers
  • consultants
  • lenders
  • managers
  • sureties
  • architects/engineers

Our attorneys have extensive knowledge of the legal issues and potential liability inherent in the relationships between owners, general contractors, and sub-contractors in general, and specifically in the context of the many project delivery systems used today in the construction industry.

ZRFM can assist in managing the risk inherent in the construction process through careful drafting of construction contracts and counseling clients regarding key contract administration and performance issues that often help the client avoid costly and time-consuming litigation once construction has commenced.

Our attorneys also advise and counsel employers and executives on a variety of benefit issues:

  • qualified and non-qualified retirement plans
  • developing pension and profit-sharing plans
  • considerations arising from 401(k) employee pension plans
  • developing cafeteria plans
  • developing deferred compensation programs
  • developing tax-deferred arrangements

Under our approach, dispute resolution does not begin with a claim; it begins with the parties’ initial agreement before a project begins. We help manage risk by drafting and negotiating contracts and conditions, placing specific emphasis on insurance requirements and risk-shifting provisions.

Custom agreements may include:

  • insurance requirements
  • indemnification provisions
  • damage-limitation clauses
  • construction delay provisions
  • cost overrun provisions
  • design change provisions

We also utilize a combination of contractual and statutory rights and remedies, such as mechanics lien acts, to assist clients in minimizing or avoiding economic losses due to construction setbacks.

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The construction law attorneys  and professionals at Zukowski, Rogers, Flood & McArdle are available to discuss your needs in our law offices in Crystal Lake, Chicago or Oak Brook. If you are considering legal representation and wish to schedule a meeting, please visit our contact page to start the process. We will respond promptly.