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About ZRFM


Because we share a common goal: success. To our clients, ZRFM offers practical, effective, and experienced advice to help them achieve goals, defend their interests, resolve short- and long-term issues, and avoid liabilities. Our years of legal and business expertise will assist you in building — and maintaining — a solid foundation for your success. With ZRFM, you have access to the full range of the services of our highly responsive and sophisticated attorneys to meet your unique legal needs.

Our Mission

The mission of Zukowski, Rogers, Flood & McArdle is to provide superior legal services in a cost-effective manner. Our highly credentialed and skilled lawyers practice in all areas of the law.

We are zealous advocates for our clients. We provide honest, straightforward counseling and realistic assessments of options before a course of action is agreed upon. We aggressively pursue reasonable solutions. When litigation is required, we tenaciously pursue such action.

Our outstanding reputation and performance record results from our responsiveness to the needs of our clients. Responsiveness involves a sense of urgency. When our clients call or visit us, we immediately attend to the issue at hand. Providing outstanding service is our highest priority.

We are judged every time a client comes in contact with one of the members of the firm. This creates an opportunity to listen to, understand, respond to and satisfy the client better than any other law firm. The job of every member of the firm is to do whatever it takes to ethically and effectively serve our clients.

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