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Birth Injuries

Obstetricians, nurses, midwives and medical aides are trained to look for and promptly respond to signs of fetal distress. When they don’t, conditions such as nerve damage, oxygen loss, and a loss of blood flow to the brain can result.

Families, mothers and children can be left to deal with medical conditions such as severe brain damage, cerebral palsy, brachial plexus injury (including Erb’s palsy), other lifelong nerve damage, devastating disabilities and developmental delays. Tragically, wrongful deaths of the mother, fetus or child also occur.

Children with birth injuries often need surgery, therapy and long-term care. Sometimes they require ventilators and other medical devices to cope with lost muscle control or even quadriplegia.

ZRFM’s birth injury attorneys will review your case and consult with obstetrical specialists to determine whether the treating doctor engaged in medical malpractice or the hospital’s staff acted negligently. Risks that can lead to birth injury include inadequate prenatal care, gestational diabetes, mismanaged preeclampsia, performing or not performing C-sections, dangerous medications or anesthesia, trauma during labor and delivery, infections and postpartum complications. We are prepared to vigorously prosecute claims through settlement and trial against any at-fault medical providers.

ZRFM has trained health care professionals who want to fill out medical charts in ways that comply with appropriate standards of care. We also advise medical staffs about responding properly to subpoenas and giving appropriate depositions. As your advocate, our law firm’s birth injury lawyers can put to work our background in identifying many telltale signs of medical malpractice.