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Boating Accidents

Illinois has fewer lakes and waterways than many states. Despite that, its population and the presence of Lake Michigan, the Mississippi River, and smaller lakes and rivers have, unfortunately, led to far too many sailboat and motor boating accidents. The risks of severe boating injuries continue to rise as aquatic traffic from jet skis, Wave Runners and other personal watercraft increases.

Boating accidents sometimes include falling overboard, capsizing, boat flooding, drowning, fire and explosion, water skiing and jet skiing mishaps, and boat collisions with fixed objects, swimmers or recreational motorboats. Although the causes of boating accidents can be complex, statistics show that excessive speed, alcohol use, bad weather, passenger behavior, equipment failure, and the operator’s inexperience, inattention, negligence or recklessness often are factors.

The boating accident lawyers at ZRFM are based in McHenry County, Illinois, which is home to portions of the Fox River and the Chain O’Lakes as well as Crystal Lake, Wonder Lake, McCullom Lake and many smaller lakes. Our attorneys know the rules of the water and of the courtroom, and we aggressively protect your rights in each setting.

As with any severe accident or wrongful death, our personal injury attorneys will deal with your legal, medical and emotional needs, whether you are injured directly or you experienced the loss of a loved one. Serious burns, broken bones, spinal cord injuries and traumatic brain injury take time to heal, as do the emotions of people experiencing a loss. Our boating accident attorneys will represent you aggressively during settlement or trial, always holding responsible parties accountable for their negligence.