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Bus Accidents

Bus accidents can involve a school bus, a commercial tour bus, or a public transit bus run by a municipal or local government. Because buses are so large and carry dozens of passengers, a single bus rollover or collision can cause countless catastrophic injuries including paralysis, traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury, severe pain, and wrongful death. Less severe bus accident injuries such as abrasions, broken bones and whiplash are even more common.

Like any vehicular collision, multiple factors may contribute to a bus accident. At times bad weather that includes high winds, snow, ice or rain leads to disaster. A bus driver may be responsible due to inattention, speeding, driver error, lack of sleep, or operating the bus under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Improper bus maintenance, equipment malfunction, poor security, or damaged streets and bridges also can play a role.

As your advocates, ZRFM’s bus accident lawyers will investigate your personal injury or the wrongful death of a child or other loved one. With the assistance of technical experts, a bus accident attorney will determine who was responsible for the bus accident. We will seek the best settlement or court outcome possible against any at-fault party, including a bus company, bus driver, tour operator, bus maintenance company, school district (or school board), bus manufacturer, part manufacturer, or nearby driver.

Depending on the circumstances, your claim may include compensation for medical costs, lost wages, long-term care, therapy, pain and suffering, and other significant damages arising from another’s negligence.