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Construction Injury

Construction injuries in the workplace often are compensable under a state’s workers’ compensation statutes. But sometimes third parties – such as property owners, contractors, subcontractors and vendors – share legal responsibility for a construction site accident.

ZRFM’s construction injury lawyers can help maximize your total financial recovery by pursuing the claims you also may have against the businesses and individuals you don’t work for. Because of the more limited nature of a workers’ comp claim, we refer such matters to a law firm in Illinois or Wisconsin that focuses exclusively on the field.

Construction sites have obvious and hidden dangers for workers in nearly all trades. For example, scaffolding accidents, ladder accidents, crane and forklift accidents, electrical accidents, welding accidents, electric saw and other cutting accidents, elevator and lift accidents, and nail gun accidents are all common at construction sites. Other severe injuries involve falls, falling objects, trench cave-ins, crush injuries, collapsing walls and buildings, burn injuries, electrocutions, explosions, defective and improperly maintained equipment, and collisions with or being run over by operating equipment.

Because construction accidents can lead to spinal cord injury, traumatic brain injury, other severe injuries, and even death, OSHA and other governmental investigations are common. With the assistance of technical experts, the construction injury attorneys at ZRFM will aggressively review records, pinpoint potential liability, and evaluate possible third-party personal injury claims against negligent parties that may have contributed to your construction injury or to the wrongful death of a loved one.