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Hospital Negligence

Have you suffered a serious injury or lost a loved one because of substandard medical treatment at a hospital or surgical center in Illinois or Wisconsin? When malpractice or negligence takes place inside a hospital, legal practitioners sometimes refer to it as “hospital negligence” instead of the broader term “medical malpractice.” Various factors contribute to such negligence, which may involve the carelessness of doctors, nurses, radiologists, technicians, medical aides and other administrative personnel.

Falling short of an expected standard of care may cause a hospital to injure patients through severe medical mistakes, neglect, or abuse. Hospital negligence frequently leads to personal injuries involving wrong site surgery, infections, surgical errors, surgical instruments left in the body, anesthesia errors, emergency room errors, misdiagnosis, pharmacy and medication errors, birth injuries, delayed or wrongful diagnosis, errors involving medical devices, dehydration, food poisoning, bed sores, and physical or sexual abuse.

Our personal injury attorneys have trained many health care professionals who want to fill out medical charts in ways that comply with appropriate standards of care. We also advise medical staffs about responding properly to subpoenas and giving appropriate depositions. As your advocate, our hospital negligence attorneys can employ this background to identify many telltale signs of medical malpractice.

The hospital negligence lawyers at ZRFM will review your case, consulting with doctors and any required medical specialists. If we determine that the treating doctor or the hospital staff was negligent, we will vigorously prosecute a claim against the at-fault medical provider so you can recover the financial compensation you deserve for wrongful death, medical expenses, disability, lost wages, and other damages including pain and suffering.