Medical Malpractice

Have you suffered from medical treatment at a hospital? Have you experienced a problem while at a doctor’s office while under a doctor’s care?

If you have been injured due to the negligence of a medical doctor or any other health care provider such as nurses and medical aides, you are entitled to compensation. Our attorneys will review your case and consult with doctors who specialize in that field and if a conclusion is reached that the treating doctor or his staff was negligent, we will vigorously prosecute a claim against the at-fault medical provider.

The laws in Illinois constantly change as more and more efforts are made to protect medical care providers across the country. While it is important to avoid frivolous cases to keep insurance premiums low, it is equally important to have knowledgeable advocates available when a medical mistake occurs. At ZRFM, we work with doctors to prepare medical charts which comply with the appropriate standards of care. We employ trained medical staff in properly responding to subpoenas and how to give a deposition. We know how they will respond to these legal requests and will use that knowledge to get the best settlement for a person injured by a medical mistake period.