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Nursing Home Liability

Do you have a family member or friend who has been abused or injured in a nursing home? Have they been over medicated? Have they slipped and fallen without the proper supervision?

As more and more of our family members are living to an older age, the necessity for assisted living, shared living, skilled care and nursing homes is becoming more and more important. There are a multitude of laws that protect these facilities from legal action in addition to laws that protect the person receiving care. It is important to consult with an attorney immediately if you believe there is any suspicion of poor quality care. A bed sore that is unattended can quickly become sepsis and result in death. There are specific standards of care that are readily identified by the knowledgeable lawyer with respect to many aspects of daily care in this type of facility. We have represented clients who have been injured due to negligence by the nursing home including lack of supervision, such as not attending to a resident who falls and injures themselves, improper administering of medication, and violations of dietary restrictions where a resident with hand tremors was allowed to serve herself coffee which resulted in severe burns.