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Slip, Trip & Fall Injuries

Have you been hurt on another person’s property? Have you slipped on ice or while walking on a broken sidewalk? Did you trip in a hole?

If you have been injured while on another person’s property due to the negligence of the other party, you are entitled to compensation for your injuries. Some examples of dangerous or defective conditions would be holes, unnatural accumulations of snow or ice and defective sidewalks. Injuries from these types of accident are often brushed off as the person who fell feels embarrassed by filing a claim against a friend or family member. However, these types of injuries can result in significant long term medical problems including herniated discs and fractures. The law in this area is unique and does not simply rely on the common concept of negligence. Our attorneys represent clients in all areas of premises liability including injuries arising from accidents occurring at a home or at a commercial premises such as a store or businesses.