Spinal Cord Injuries

The personal injury lawyers at ZRFM are experienced at handling some of the emotional, physical and financial burdens of clients who suffer from permanent and devastating spinal cord injuries. Complete or partial paralysis is a life-altering event that imposes tremendous financial costs for medical care, medical equipment, supplies, technologies, medicine and caregivers.

We understand the role the brain, spinal cord and spinal nerves play when serious trauma causes quadriplegia (tetraplegia), hemiplegia, paraplegia, paraparesis, spinal cord contusions or brain damage. While such injuries can happen to anyone, men and those under age 30 are the most frequent victims. Often they do not have insurance coverage to help with the millions of dollars in costs they may incur over the course of a lifetime.

Although spinal cord injuries happen in many settings, they are common in truck and automobile accidents, bicycle and motorcycle accidents, swimming pool accidents, pedestrian accidents, after falls in the work place or elsewhere, after hospital negligence, or in high-impact sports such as football, boating, skiing and diving.

Our spinal cord injury lawyers work with experts to evaluate your long-term needs so expected costs and common complications (bladder infections, kidney stones, bowel functioning, upper respiratory and cardiovascular problems, psychiatric treatment, and bed sores) will be covered. We also believe you deserve the funds needed to benefit from inventions and medical technologies not yet discovered, should they make your life easier someday. We can estimate your lost wages and benefits and the damages your injury caused to your spouse and family.

If you or someone close to you has experienced an injury involving the spine, back or vertebrae, ZRFM welcomes you to our accessible offices to discuss how our spinal cord injury attorneys can assist you in recovering financially from any at-fault party.