Swimming Pool Accidents

With the enjoyment and exercise that swimming pools provide comes the risk of personal injury or tragedy. Too often, young children are the victims of drowning or near drowning.

Indoor and outdoor swimming pool accidents can cause severe head injury and traumatic brain injury. Diving accidents account for about 10 percent of all spinal cord injuries. Wet decks and other poolside surfaces can cause slip and fall accidents. Swimmers also frequently become injured by swimming pool chemicals or the lack of them.

ZRFM pays special attention to the needs of near drowning victims, whose hidden brain damage and other neurological complications may take time to uncover. Their immediate and delayed health care expenses can be considerable. For this reason, swimming pool accident victims should avoid trying to negotiate alone with insurance companies, who regularly offer less of a financial recovery than required to deal with what may become lifelong injuries.

Our swimming pool accident lawyers can evaluate whether negligence, premises liability, or a defective product was a factor in an accident. Private outdoor swimming pools and hot tubs of all sizes should have adequate safety equipment, including pool covers and barriers to prevent young people from accessing an attractive nuisance. Children should never be left alone to swim unsupervised. Our team of swimming pool accident attorneys can investigate the circumstances of diving accidents and determine whether equipment such as diving boards, pool drains and ladders were safe.

Those responsible for swimming pool accidents may include a pool equipment manufacturer, a private business, a property owner, a state or local government entity, or even a pool maintenance person or lifeguard. ZRFM’s personal injury lawyers are experienced in hailing the right parties into the courtroom, where our distinguished trial record and legal readiness usually lead to a fair settlement.

Please contact ZRFM for a consultation to learn how we may assist you in securing the maximum allowable recovery for your injuries or the loss of a loved one against any at-fault party.