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Train Accidents

Illinois and Wisconsin are home to a wide variety of passenger and freight trains. Such trains are essential to commerce and mass transit. Unfortunately, each year hundreds of train accidents occur in Illinois alone on Amtrak, Metra, CTA and freight lines. Because of train weight and speed, catastrophic injuries and fatalities are common in these train wrecks.

Many tragic train collisions involving automobiles and pedestrians are not the fault of a railroad company or train operator. But other train crashes – sometimes with trains – stem from railroad negligence, inattentive brakemen, conductor error or distraction, derailments, grade crossing problems, defective crossing gates, and poor maintenance of rails, switches, and subway or elevated systems.

Train accident injuries can be life-altering, whether they happen on a platform, in a train, or elsewhere. Passengers and other victims who suffer from train accident injuries can file complaints against the responsible train operator or the train company for medical expenses, lost income, disability, pain and suffering, and other permanent damages. Family members also may file wrongful death actions for the loss of a loved one.

If you have been injured in a train accident or experienced other injuries near a railroad or subway, ZRFM’s train accident lawyers are ready to discuss your legal options during a free consultation. We do not charge an hourly fee. Our experienced team of litigators and trial lawyers receive only a percentage of whatever jury verdict or settlement we ultimately recover on your behalf from any at-fault parties.