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Vaginal Mesh Injuries

On July 13, 2011, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration released an update about the serious complications associated with the transvaginal placement of surgical mesh. The report stressed that such complications are not rare, as an Oct. 20, 2008, FDA report had wrongly concluded.

In fact, many thousands of incidents involving vaginal mesh surgery have been reported. The number of medical articles on the topic also is in the thousands. Despite the strong FDA warnings, many doctors continue to use vaginal mesh, even when surgeries using other techniques would prove more effective.

The personal injury lawyers at Zukowski, Rogers, Flood & McArdle strenuously advocate for clients who have been a victim of the improper use of vaginal mesh and for clients who have experienced other forms of malpractice. Liz Wakeman appreciates the emotional, physical and financial effect that this type of negligence will have on a client’s life.

The improper use of vaginal mesh is a life-altering event. We understand the issues that our clients have faced or will face, such as a change in sexual relationships, limits on physical activity, an inability to exercise, the loss of the traditional marriage relationship, a limited ability to participate in children’s activities, depression, anxiety and more. We know how to communicate those losses in the process of litigation and how to offer referral sources from our network of professionals to find the best care for the client.

If your surgeon recommends using vaginal mesh, consider consulting the vast amount of reputable online information available about the risks from such sources as WebMD. If you have experienced an injury that may be related to the use of vaginal mesh or if you simply wish to discuss what we know about its use, dial 815-459-2050 to speak with medical malpractice attorney Liz Wakeman at Zukowski, Rogers, Flood & McArdle. If you prefer, you may reach one of our vaginal mesh injury attorneys by using the contact form on this Web site.