Zukowski, Rogers, Flood, & McArdle serves as legal counsel to the Northern Illinois Governmental Energy Cooperative (“NIGEC”). The Cooperative was formed several years ago to help its members negotiate favorable electric purchasing rates for their government electric purchasing needs. NIGEC’s membership collectively has saved well over a million dollars in electric costs since its inception. The members are currently in discussion about renewing and expanding their cooperative efforts to include not just electric power purchasing but also other goods and services for their members when bulk purchasing would result in lower costs for the membership. Membership in the group will be open to other governmental agencies with the approval of the NIGEC administrator. The renewal and expansion efforts are being coordinated by ZRFM in cooperation with the existing members and the McHenry County Council of Governments which will serve as the NIGEC administrator. If you wish to learn more about membership in the cooperative, please contact Ruth Schlossberg at [email protected].

Ruth Alderman Schlossberg

Author: Ruth Schlossberg