McArdle Updates ‘Construction Law Road Map’ Handbook

March 23, 2011

Crystal Lake Attorney David W. McArdle of Zukowski, Rogers, Flood & McArdle has authored an updated 2011 fourth edition of his handbook titled Construction Law Road Map, focused on construction law. The Illinois Road and Transportation Builders Association (IRTBA) has once again issued and distributed the book to its statewide membership.

Construction Law Road Map was authored by McArdle and partners Regan Shepley and Kelly Cahill. It is a useful guide for general contractors and subcontractors dealing with drafting significant contract clauses, mechanics liens, and employment-related issues on private and public jobs.

An attorney since 1982, McArdle has been a member of the IRTBA and has provided legal advice to the association for more than 10 years. In the book’s foreword, IRTBA Chairman of the Board Woodie Griffin writes, “This reference book has become the ‘go to’ guide for many within the industry. Of course, a book will never replace the benefits that stem from a one-on-one relationship with legal counsel. This publication, however, is designed to give small business owners basic information that may help them avoid the common problems that they confront daily.”

McArdle says the handbook serves as a quick reference to laws and contract issues routinely confronted by contractors. “We hope contractors will find the handbook useful in determining whether they need to consult a lawyer experienced in the field of construction law before making a move that will cost them money. Construction law is a complicated field, and it benefits contractors to have a basic education.”

The handbook can be ordered by calling (815) 459-2050 or Click Here to Order