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Drunk Driving Accidents

Motor vehicle accidents caused by drunk drivers are destructive. They cause catastrophic injuries, lifelong pain, disability, emotional trauma and wrongful death. They also take a horrendous toll on society. Such accidents trigger criminal charges, civil lawsuits, claims against third parties, and lost business and automotive licenses.

A civil lawsuit can compensate people harmed by a negligent or reckless drunk driver for medical expenses, property damage, lost income, and certain other damages. Pedestrians as well as the drivers and occupants of other motor vehicles usually file such actions. Family members or an estate may file claims when a drunk driver causes a fatality.

Sometimes, the liability for drunk driving car accidents or crashes involving other vehicles extends to a third party who had a legal duty to keep an intoxicated motorist off the road. Most commonly, victims of drunk drivers hold third parties accountable under state dram shop statutes, which may not require proof of negligence. Sometimes just contributing to the accident is enough.

The term “dram shop” originates from a time when drinking establishments were known as “shops” and a dram was the usual measure of alcohol. Today, state drunk driving laws and dram shop laws vary widely. Whether an establishment is in Illinois or Wisconsin, dram shop liability serves as a deterrent to individuals, stores, bars, nightclubs and restaurants that are tempted to illegally or negligently provide alcohol: Responsibility doesn’t end when someone walks out your door.

The personal injury law firm of ZRFM helps to educate victims of severe drunk driving accidents in Illinois or Wisconsin. After investigating the facts of your injury, we will be better able to provide a range of options so you can seek the full compensation needed to deal with such life-altering changes.