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Pedestrian Accidents

Recent pedestrian accident statistics may be misleading. Motor vehicle operators have not instantly become better defensive drivers. A slowed economy may be one reason for a leveling off or slight decline in pedestrian accidents in Illinois and Wisconsin.

Too many motor vehicle accidents unnecessarily and severely injure and kill pedestrians. While many more accidents take place in cities, pedestrian fatalities happen disproportionately in rural areas. Altogether, pedestrian fatalities account for about 10 percent of traffic-related deaths.

Automobile drivers cause serious pedestrian accidents by ignoring traffic signs and signals, disregarding crosswalks, and failing to yield the right of way to pedestrians in a roadway. Negligent drivers also strike pedestrians when driving distracted, intoxicated, or under the influence of drugs. Elderly drivers are more likely to cause pedestrian fatalities, partly because of their poorer peripheral and central vision. Periodically pedestrians and joggers also become injured in bicycle accidents, truck accidents, and motorcycle accidents.

Even low-speed accidents lead to catastrophic and painful injuries, including broken bones, nerve damage, bruising, neck and back injuries, paralysis and spinal cord injury, head and traumatic brain injury, coma and death. When pedestrian accident victims are fortunate enough to receive medical treatment at a hospital, they frequently cannot walk or stand for any length of time until fully healed.

Since insurance companies often try to settle wrongful death and personal injury claims before the full extent of a pedestrian accident victim’s suffering and injuries are known, it’s wise to seek legal advice promptly from an experienced pedestrian accident lawyer. The attorneys at ZRFM can assist you with any claims you may have, advocating for your interests so you can recover the maximum financial compensation allowed against any at-fault party.